Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Parnter

PEI Distribution is trusted local Managed Solution Provider (MSP) in the Horn of Africa region. To help customers better connect, migrate, manage and optimize their Microsoft Azure environments, PEI is now Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner.

Why choose Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

Microsoft CSP Platform Features

Today’s businesses move enterprise workloads to the Edge and increasingly use multi-cloud environments, seamless integration of networking and cloud is paramount to optimize business performance. 

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), PEI will be able to provide a range of support services (pre-sales, solutions architecting, managed services, hybrid cloud) to organizations with Microsoft Cloud services, such as Office 365 and Azure managed cloud solutions. 

Key Features for CSPs


By leveraging the Credit Control engine, CSPs eliminate the risk of customers consuming Azure resources they cannot afford by setting up a credit limit, consistent with the financial capabilities of each customer


The platform collects Azure usage data on a daily basis, so that partners are able to see the current amount, along with an estimated amount of usage till the end of the Azure subscription’s billing cycle.


The billing engine of the platform issues an itemized consolidated invoice of all Azure services and resources at the end of the billing cycle, minimizing frustration while increasing customer’s awareness over purchased services.


The Cost Management tool provides in-depth information on Azure Plan level as well as on Azure Subscription level. It provides your customers with visual resource information and historical information of the Azure plan and the underlying Azure subscriptions.

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