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Eastman offers a wide range of energy storage solutions in tubular technology, gel technology & Automotive.


Eastman offers solar solutions for wide range of applications that includes off-grid, on grid and solar power pack solutions.


Eastman automotive is a master’s in supplying high quality automotive two-wheeler & automotive spare part with complete solutions.


Eastman has a strong global presence and customized products to cater to the exports market with the best storage, solar & automotive solutions.

Modern and Compact

Eastman Solar Panels with easy installation and a minimalist design. The compact, all-in-one construction features versatile mounting options for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Electricity For Less

Solar panels are an excellent way to cut down on using natural gases, while still providing the energy your home needs to sustain you and your family. Not only are you helping out the planet, but you’re also helping yourself by gaining energy independence in a clean and sustainable way

SolarPV Modules

As the world’s leading solar product company and provider of smart solar energy solutions, Eastman is the active contributor in shaping the solar revolution. This offer world-class and affordable solar energy products at even the remotest locations making solar energy affordable and available for everyone. largest solar module supplier across the globe and have pushed the Solar industry forward by manufacturing high-efficiency module and comprehensive electronic procurement construction solutions. As you start your solar journey with us, you’ll turn your global footprint into a step towards the clean, green and sustainable future.


Before all the materialistic advantages, by going solar you can leave a safe planet to your kids!


From leading Banks & NBFCs at attractive rates and terms to delivering you an Un-Matched Experience.


Solar empower both individuals and businesses in managing power.

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Solar empower both individuals and businesses in managing power..